Job Seekers

Elevate Your Career

Finding a new career is hard, don’t go at it alone.

A Partner in the Journey

When working with one of our talent search experts, you will be entering into a partnership that is focused on what matters most to you. Our role is to support your journey through all its complex phases – company identification, marketability, interview prep, and negotiations. Allow us to help match you with opportunities that match your skill set, goals, and interests. Let us help navigate you through your career journey.

As a job seeker, working with our professional recruiters is no cost to you. We are here to network alongside you, to explore and evaluate opportunities, and to be a resource should you ever need to find a new opportunity or are just curious about the local market.

Success Factors

Goal alignment
We take finding dream jobs very seriously. Our team of search professionals work diligently to identify organizations that match your interests and do our best to give you multiple options while you are searching for future employment.

Each of us possesses soft and hard skill sets that serve as our differentiators. Let our talent search experts help unlock your true potential and market you to potential employers the best we can. When you interview for an opportunity through TNTG, we make a commitment to give our candidates feedback. Feedback helps us grow and understand outcomes without assumption, make better informed decisions, course correct, and decrease negative self-assessment evaluations based on uncertainty.